Who Are We?
Locally Roasted is a small coffee roasting service serving the Near Southside of Fort Worth. We offer the freshest coffee possible – usually roasted within 24 hours of delivery.

Why Locally Roasted?
Locally Roasted delivers the freshest possible coffee roasted within hours of arriving on your door step.
How fresh is your coffee? Coffee’s flavor begins to change and break down in only a few days after roasting. Most coffee ships from the roaster to warehouses where it may sit for weeks before being shipped to your store. After it arrives at your store, it may sit on the shelf for weeks or months before you take it home. Even at specialty coffee shops selling top quality beans, most packages on the shelf are at least a month old – weeks past the most flavorful period.

Buy Local
We get our coffee direct from importers or brokers, roast it here and sell it here in Fort Worth, TX.  No warehouses, middle-men, or supermarkets to slow down fresh-roasted goodness from reaching your cup. If you live in Fairmount, Ryan Place, Mistletoe Heights, or Near Southside, we will bring fresh coffee to your doorstep on foot or bicycle with no shipping charge. (Or you may schedule a pick-up) We will deliver for free to a wider area for subscription customers. Questions? Suggestion? Leave a comment below